?Who is alaa

Alaa Kadhum, an Iraqi artist, was born in 1977 in Baghdad He holds a diploma in Fine Art in Sculpture in 1998 from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts / University of Baghdad 2005. In the year 1993, he worked as a comic painter when he was fifteen years old, to be the youngest painter in (Iraqi Children’s Culture House) in “Mejeltti” and “Al Mizmar” magazine. He started in the world of animation in 1999 through his work as a background painter at (LANA Animation Studio) in Baghdad, and in 2002 he worked in the (AL NEHIJ) animation company as a director and an animator, in 2005 he moved to Damascus to work with (The Star Animation Company) To work as an expert in the animation industry. In 2010, he started his career in the cartoon world through his work with the two media agencies (Obelisk and Tomorrow) and the official Al-Sabah newspaper. A professional designer has benefited from his expertise in designing a number of institutions and organizations by designing the logos of these entities and designing their publications.